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Four Cows Find a Sweet
Home in Alabama

How It All Started

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Our Mission

Dominion Farm Sanctuary is a nonprofit farm animal rescue dedicated to providing a safe and loving home for animals in need. Dominion Farm Sanctuary, located in Fairhope, Alabama  is committed to the rescue of farmed animals, the education of a plant-based lifestyle for our community, and advocacy in hopes of making the world a kinder place. 

Green Fields

God created animals with needs, wants, desires, and species-specific behaviors. God designed pigs to root around in the soil for food and play with one another, behaviors you can see exhibited at sanctuaries for farmed animals. God designed chickens to make nests, lay eggs, and raise their children when they hatch. No less a Christian authority than Jesus compared his love for Jerusalem to a hen's love for her brood. God designed all animals with a desire for sunlight, fresh air, fresh water, and so on. Animals were created to grow at a certain rate that doesn't tax their appendages and organs. Yet, all of these things are denied to God's creatures, who are merely viewed as flesh by modern agribusiness. Animal scientists play "God" by manipulating animals to grow so quickly that their hearts, lungs, and limbs can't keep up. Everything natural is denied them.

God's will is negated by the industries that have decided that they know better than God how God's creatures should live.

The Animal Activist's Handbook - Matt Ball & Bruce Fried

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